What is a Gerber file?

Gerber is a file format containing the information necessary to manufacture the PCB.
The most common standard is RS-274X; it contains all necessary information in a single file.
These Gerber files can be generated by printed circuit layer and must include graphics of everything we want to print on the layer (top and bottom soldermask, top and bottom legend, top and bottom image, etc.).

How should I store and handle printed circuits?

Storage and handling of printed circuits is very important as a high moisture content in PCBs could affect their solderability.
Recommendations to be taken into account include:
• Store in a clean, dry place, at a maximum temperature of 25ºC and maximum humidity of 60%.
• Keep away from direct sunlight and sources of contamination with chlorides and sulphides.
• Do not unpack if not necessary. Once the package is open, close again with unused plates.
• Handle circuits carefully, using suitable gloves to touch soldering points and thus avoid any oxidation that affects solderability.
• If assembled several weeks after receipt, preheat for 4 hours at 135ºC (they can be stacked) prior to furnace circuits to remove any moisture accumulated during storage.
• Circuits that have been out of their packaging for over one week must also be heated for 4 hours at 135ºC.

How long can I store printed circuits?

All printed circuits should be assembled within 24 months after their date of manufacture.

Why are vias opened?

At GCE we carry out a series of adjustments to certain design parameters to ensure
maximum end product quality and reliability.

One of these adjustments is that, when the via mask is not uncovered in the original design, and there is no
sealing specification, a 0.06 mm via diameter will be opened in the mask to prevent what is known as
“tenting”, which may cause contamination due to liquids blocked inside the via.

Therefore, the end result should be as follows: